Big Kev’s Party Cheat Sheet

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3rd December 2018
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Big Kev’s Party Cheat Sheet

These last few weeks of the year are a busy part of the social calendar. Year-end functions, Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve parties, people will use any excuse to get together. Unfortunately, being invited to any sort of function presents a challenge for many of us men as most of us do not have a mental checklist of what’s in our wardrobe.

If being invited to a party reduces you to panic, never fear. Big Kev is here to take the guess work out of grooming and turn you into the most stylish guy at the soiree.

Formal Parties

Black tie is about as formal as it gets. The bad news is that if you don’t own a tuxedo, a good quality one doesn’t come cheap. The good news though, is that a tux is an easy dress code to get right, it looks so suave and sophisticated and is almost guaranteed to weaken the ladies’ knees. A traditional classic tux consists of tailored black trousers; a crisp white dress shirt and a single breasted dinner jacket with high shine black leather shoes, and don’t forget the black bow tie. On the note of expense, even though you’ll likely only wear it a couple of times a year, a well-made suit is timeless and will last you upwards of 10 years, so it’s really an investment.

With a white tie event, keep it classic. Always wear darker colours for an evening event, black or midnight-navy are nice and safe options. You also can’t go wrong with a well-fitting white shirt and smart, polished shoes. Another tip, practice the art of tying a self-tie bow tie. It’s a skill that will come in handy more than once in your life and imagine how James Bond you will feel when you can hang it loosely around your neck at the end of the night.


Casual Parties

The type of casual depends on the type of the event. For example, a casual party in a smarter setting – like a cocktail or wine bar – will mean a classier kind of casual than at the pub or your mate’s back yard. You can leave your finery at home but just because it can be more relaxed, that doesn’t mean you should let your style slide. A casual dress code generally means anything goes but at the very least, it’s respectful to the host to put in some effort with your appearance.

For a daytime party, the weather will be a factor in your outfit choices so check the forecast for that day. Chino shorts or coloured khakis are always a winner when paired with a fitted polo shirt. Smart sneakers will add a perfect finish. Take a jacket for if you end up staying later than expected or if the weather turns. My favorite at the moment is the military inspired jacket. If the party is in the evening, a pair of dark jeans with a t-shirt and woolen sweater can never go wrong. Complete the look with boat shoes or loafers to keep it summery but stylish. Accessorize with a belt and watch but in my opinion, less is always more.

New Year’s Eve Parties

New Year’s parties also come in a wide range of options. It can be a dinner party, a braai with friends or a raucous house party. The main thing to remember is that you’re likely to be there until after 12 at least, so make sure what you’re wearing is comfortable.

For a casual dinner party, you should start with a stylish top. A slim fit tee, crew neck or V-neck, keeps things simple but sophisticated. Throw on some jeans or wide-leg chinos and comfortable shoes and you’re ready to go. For the super casual braai with your friends or boisterous party at their pad, go for something slightly more special and slightly more fitted than your ordinary, everyday wear. Don’t step too much out of your comfort zone, you want to be relaxed and have fun without worrying about what you’re wearing. A well-cut T-shirt with jeans, skinny or normal fit will work best, paired with sneakers will bring you fashionably into the New Year.


Being invited to a party is a privilege and shouldn’t be spoiled by trying to decipher the dress code. With this print-and-keep cheat sheet, you’ll never have to worry about how to dress to impress again.


Party on.

Big Kev


P.S! Big Kev’s Bonus Party Tips:

– First and foremost, make sure you understand the occasion.

– Fill your wardrobe with essentials, such as a good fitting white tee and perfectly fitting jeans.

– Co-ordinate your outfits. Crate|ov Clothes will send you full outfits in your crate, taking the guesswork out of it for you.

– Be comfortable! Not feeling like yourself will ruin the event for you.