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Some Fitting Advice

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20th May 2019
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5th February 2019

Hey guys, Jules here. Today, I’m going to talk to you about the importance of a good fit.  Some people wear clothes that are too big because they like them baggy and some people wear clothes that are too tight because they can’t bring themselves to admit that they’re a bigger size than they would like to be. Either way, or whatever the reason, don’t do it!


You won’t believe how often it happens. Men don’t want to admit that they’re a Large so they choose a Medium. Or they don’t want to admit that they’re an Extra Small so they choose a Medium. When clothes are too big or too small, everyone can see it and no matter how suave or casual you’re trying to come across, your ill-fitting clothes will be all they remember about you.


When you wear clothes that are too big for you, they don’t just look baggy. You also end up looking bigger – and I don’t mean your muscles. Wearing clothes a couple of sizes too big will take away any natural contours your body has and make you look like a shapeless blob. That doesn’t mean that you can’t wear baggy clothes, but find clothes that are designed to be baggy and then get the right size. Now, don’t forget about the importance of a good belt. A belt can give you more form when you need it, even if you are going for a baggy look.


Wearing clothes that fit properly will make you look leaner and will accentuate the good parts of your body. The right fitting clothes can hide a multitude of sins, making it easier to hide what you don’t want to be seen. They can also help you show off what you want to show off by emphasizing your body in the right places. Now, I’m not saying that you should wear your clothes two sizes too small to show off your muscles. This will make your clothes fit too tightly and it will make it obvious that you’re trying to show off. You also don’t want the embarrassment of your too tight pants splitting down the middle. Again, this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear tight clothes. The trick is to find clothes that are supposed to be tight, and choose the right fit.


The right fit can sometimes be tricky to achieve and there are times when commercial clothes in their commercial sizes won’t fit you as well as you would like. Store bought clothes are not always for everyone and something that looks good on your buddy might not look as good on you. This is just something you’ll have to accept. But if it’s a garment that you simply love and can’t live without, this is where a good tailor can come in handy. Tailors will resize your clothes, taking them in or even altering them completely if that’s what you want.


Now, to contradict everything I’ve just said, if something looks good on you, enhances your body in a good way and makes you feel good (even if it is under- or oversized), then wear it. There are some clothing items, such as an oversized bomber jacket, that can look better on you a size bigger than normal. Some jeans with a very baggy cut can look better on some men in a smaller size. Fit doesn’t only mean that it’s the correct size – the size and shape of the garment should fit with your body size and shape. Above all, you should feel comfortable.


Here at Crate|ov Clothes, fit is important to us. The bottom line is; clothes that don’t fit well don’t look good. Our main goal is to have you looking and feeling good with minimum effort and maximum style. Be honest when giving us your sizes and don’t wear clothes that don’t fit, for any reason.


Be comfortable out there,

Love Jules.