Twenty Questions for Jules!

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12th December 2018
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21st November 2018

Meet Jules! This Crate|ov Clothes stylist believes in going beyond simple outfits to get her clients excited. She tries to step aside from putting a guy in a typical suit to create an outfit that stands out but still allows a man to feel like a man and still feel confident in his look! We asked Jules twenty questions to get to know her better.


  1. What is the most cherished item in your wardrobe?

My David Tlale jacket.


  1. If you can give any superhero a makeover, who would it be?

Aquaman – those fins have got to go! LOL


  1. What’s on your playlist right now?

I’m obsessed with Drive by Black Coffee and David Guetta.


  1. Who are you following on Instagram for #StyleInspo?

Ade Samuel, an American stylist from Nigeria.


  1. What’s your number one music festival must have item?

Sunglasses of course.


  1. What’s your favourite new trend?

Exotic prints.


  1. The one trend that should never come back is…

Safari suits!


  1. The biggest fashion sin that someone could commit is…

Keeping it too simple! When it comes to styling men I feel like you have to go a bit deeper. Because you could keep it simple but you don’t want to come out with a wardrobe that’s repetitive. It’s ok to take risks, it’s ok to pair that louder shirt with a classic suit or wear a brighter colour belt on the weekends.


  1. What is the best basic item to have in your wardrobe?

A really good cut pair of jeans.


  1. What’s the last thing you bought?

A Starbucks frozen latte, ha ha! Clothing wise it was an amazing printed, sleeveless cardigan from a vintage shop in Joburg.


  1. The best thing about your job is…

The clients I get to work with that give me a new challenge with every different questionnaire I get through the Crate|ov Clothes platform. Most stylists have a handful of clients but I get to have hundreds and that makes what I do very unique.


  1. Two things you never leave the house without would have to be…

Zambuk lip balm and a power bank.


  1. South African’s have style because…

We seem to be able to look past labels and pick clothing from so many different sources to combine them well. Our major hubs like Cape Town and Jozi also have their own versions of street style which shows how creative we can be!


  1. If you could be in one person’s head for a day, who would it be?

That’s a little scary to think of, but when you only have one option, you would have to go for Anna Wintour, the world queen of fashion.


  1. What’s your secret fashion shame?

Wearing leggings at home! I think the trend of women wearing leggings is a bit boring and doesn’t allow for girls to play with their bodies and have fun with clothing. As much as I try to steer my clients away from them, I love to wear leggings to work out or to lounge around.


  1. What’s your guilty fashion pleasure?

I would say it’s definitely a cropped top or bralette. I really love how it defines the body when you see a woman in a cropped top or even bralette with layers – there’s something effortless but chic and sexy about it.


  1. What’s your favourite recent red carpet outfit – who was it and what were they wearing?

Big Sean at the 2018 Grammys. He went so simple but impactful. He was in this really clean, modern all black Ferragamo suit with a textured trench over it and some subtle accessories. I like a guy who is willing to take some risks when it comes to jewellery.


  1. On your day off, you are most likely…

To be hitting up cool Jozi markets and music events. If I’m too tired, it’s just me and Netflix.


  1. What inspired you to get into the fashion industry?

I got my start working at a fashion magazine where I was introduced to styling. I discovered my love for working with clothes, playing around with different textures and moods and putting outfits together. That led me to pursue a career as a stylist full time.


  1. A great outfit is good for the soul because…

You can really create art with clothing and everyone deserves to feel like a masterpiece.