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Vintage + Modern = 2019’s Biggest Trend

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25th March 2020
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10th May 2019

Hey guys, Big Kev here. I am really excited to chat about the biggest trend we’ve picked up so far for 2019. We’ve seen so much mixing of vintage-inspired with modern and contemporary looks that I knew I had to tell you more about it. Vintage inspires thoughts of maturity, sophistication, and class. Modern and contemporary make you think of young, funky, fresh. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for a fun trend like this to come around!


Once the team here at Crate|ov Clothes has helped you learn about and develop your personal style, it’s time for you step out of your comfort zone and start learning how to mix and match like a pro. I hope that in your next crate, we can include some vintage-inspired items to mix with the more modern ones that you’re used to.


If you’re still just a novice, I would suggest mixing one item at a time. If you’re not sure what your style is yet, go slow. Trying out one item at a time gives you a chance to experiment and play with the different ideas before going out in public and feeling completely uncomfortable. To start with, try a plaid flannel shirt with dark fitted jeans and a super cool dinner jacket; or bring back the borg collar denim jacket with a cool watch and jeans. A vintage tie with your work suit can be a subtle but cool way to mix it up at work.


When you’ve found your style, start going for bigger, more prominent parts of your outfit. The tweed blazer is a vintage look that will never go out of style and looks so sophisticated and full of class, the ladies will swoon. Another one of my favorites is 50’s inspired high-waisted pants with a pair of Vans and a bomber jacket.


Spinning off from this trend, I’ve also seen vintage inspired clothing with a modern twist becoming more popular. If approaching vintage feels a bit costume-like, this will be right up your alley. Think smart cardigans that don’t look like the ones your grandpa wears and flannel suits with a modern cut.


Whichever way you decide to include vintage clothing in your wardrobe, whichever era you decide is the best style for you and how much you decide to mix and match with your current fashion trends, you know that Crate|ov Clothes will be with you every step of the way.


Keep it stylish.

Big Kev.