Collaborating with fashion superheroes

There have been lots of questions about our crate packing process, how we choose the items, and how we stay up to date on the latest trends. It's an art that we'd like to think we've perfected. The ability to envision the final outfit from just looking at individual items of clothing is a skill that we've worked very hard to master. We blame it on our appreciation of style. Our exceptional taste in men's fashion is something we tend to brag about, a lot.

When we chose the brands we wanted to incorporate into our crates, we looked for industry leaders and trendsetters. Brands that stood out from the crowd. Bold and brave brands. One of those brands being Cotton On SA.

What to expect in your next crate

We wanted to give you a glimpse of who we deal with so that you know what to expect in your next delivery from us.

Have you been searching for Cotton On Online recently? Guess what! You're likely to find something from this brand in your next crate. We've heard great things about Cotton On Clothing, so we thought, why not add them to our list of suppliers? It was our best idea yet. An instant hit!

The popularity of online shopping is constantly increasing, so we took it upon ourselves to deliver some top-notch brands to your door.

Online Clothing Shopping In South Africa

We aim to please

We know what you're thinking. How can one crate be so awesome right? Well, we do try our best to keep things interesting. This way, we know you'll always be coming back for more. Based on your feedback form, we'll have an idea of what you'd like to see more of the next time, so remember to be honest when filling it in.

So if you're picturing yourself in a pair of Cotton On Jeans this winter, speak to your Crate|ov Clothes personal stylist to get it added to your crate.

Here are some of the other brands you can expect to see:

- Cotton On
- Palladium
- Factorie
- Beard Boys
- Hello Bril
- Csquared
- Happy Socks
- Kings of Culture
- Toe Porn
- Polo
- Salomon
- Breazies
- Jideka
- House of Monatic
- Viyella
- Herschel

And our list keeps growing and improving to make sure you're spoiled for choice with every crate.

If you're not already part of the family, then register today!