Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Crate|ov Clothes?
2. How does Crate|ov Clothes work?
3. How do I sign up for Crate|ov Clothes?
4. How do I order a Crate?
5. Can I change/update my Crate delivery frequency?
6. How long does it take for a crate to be delivered after the order has been placed?
7. Can I cancel my Crate order?
8. Where do I put my Crate orders on hold?
9. Where do I update my account settings?
10. Where do I update my style preferences?
11. How do I pay for my Crate|ov Clothes?
12. When do I pay for my Crate|ov Clothes?
13. How do I communicate with my stylist?
14. Can I update my card details?
15. What happens if my card is not accepted in the payment method?
16. Can I EFT Crate|ov Clothes?
17. Where is my feedback form?
18. How do I return my Crate to Crate|ov Clothes after I have tried on all the items?
19. How do I put the items back into the Crate?
20. What happens if an item is damaged when I received it?
21. What happens if I damage an item?
22. Can I change an item for a different size or colour?
23. Does Crate|ov Clothes offer credit terms on my Crate?
24. How many Crates can I order at once?

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