Combinations that make total style sense

At Crate|ov Clothes, we combine brands that take men's fashion to the next level. Our main goal is to fill each crate with the hottest items from international trendsetters in the fashion industry while staying true to our ideals of individuality and diversity. Each crate is a reflection of your style profile, we just add a bit of magic. The challenge lies in incorporating class and fun into one package, and we love challenges!

When it comes to adding that classy element, our go-to brand definitely has to be Pringle of Scotland South Africa.

What we love about these guys

This is an iconic brand founded in 1815 by Robert Pringle. With over a 200-year history, it can be considered one of the oldest luxury fashion brands in the world. Known and loved around the world for the use of cashmere, they also introduced the intarsia design that soon became a signature argyle pattern.

You may have noticed their stores at the malls. The traditional knitwear brand has been a favourite in the men's fashion industry for ages. Many have fallen in love with their collection and some stay loyal to the brand, from top to toe.

Their pieces offer quality for the price and you can be assured that they will be good for several seasons. Their luxury branded sweaters make a statement. Made for the man who wants to be noticed, this brand does not disappoint.

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What to expect in your next crate

If you’ve always coveted Pringle Clothing but just never knew how to incorporate it into your wardrobe, then why not let Crate|ov Clothes do the hard work for you? Message your stylist to let him/her know that you're interested in Pringle Shirts, for example, and you could be seeing something hot from the brand in your next crate.

Here are some of the other brands you can expect to see:

- Cotton On
- Palladium
- Factorie
- Beard Boys
- Hello Bril
- Csquared
- Happy Socks
- Kings of Culture
- Toe Porn
- Polo
- Salomon
- Breazies
- Jideka
- House of Monatic
- Viyella
- Herschel

And our list keeps growing and improving to make sure you're spoiled for choice with every crate.

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